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My installations and drawings collaborate with natural phenomenon such as soil, wind, water, and light. I seek to make visible the beauty of nature, its changes and its unseen forces. I wish viewers to engage with nature ‘s power as it is shown by and in contrast to manmade, fragile linear elements. I see my installations as extended, three-dimensional drawings in space that move as we circulate around and through them and situate us in movement and sound, silence and contemplation. I seek to capture fleeting moments of wonder.

My works ask questions: What is the nature of ephemerality? What specific natural forces are manifesting themselves? How do I capture these forces and show their beauty in both movement and stillness? How do I engage a viewer in this quest and experience? How does art awaken our understanding of the natural world, its precious resources, and the need to preserve them?

In my work, I am exploring intersections between the earth and us, between art and science. I situate the work so that nature can take over. I want viewers to experience movement. I am using tangencies between art and nature to ask: Why is movement fascinating? Can the magnitude of geological and cosmic time be depicted and comprehended? With art, can we suspend brief moments?

My installations and drawings are site-specific, drawing from and responding to each environment. In creating installations, I draw on my dual background in art and architecture, and love of nature, drawing and science. I seek both to blur the lines between art, science and nature. The environment, space, line, light, movement, and sound interrelate and freely and continually change in the work.