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Earth. Soil. Dirt.

The Earth. Soil. Dirt project  explores the aesthetic resonance of soils when placed in both indoor and outdoor  large-scale minimalist installations.  I have been researching the geological history in variuos sites around the country, working with soils of various textures and colors. The soils are formed into 48” x 4” Shelby tubes, that are displayed on the floor, calling attention to their diversity and geological and historical importance. I will light the holes left in the earth by the taking of these samples so that we can see into the earth at night. There are drawings based on my interpretation of geological data, linking art and science, and  temporary installations on local dirt roads, unique to each specific environment. To date, I have collected soils from 10 states.

This project is an outgrowth of my previous work in which I built constructions that emphasized and drew attention to movement and animation in natural settings, and sought to make the unseen seen, such as the wind.  It is also a visual expression of my interest in geology, particularly the history revealed by borings, stratification, and tectonic plates. I wish to give viewers the opportunity to experience soils in new ways that will lead them to see the beauty of one of our most basic natural elements.  

Winner, Soil Science Society of America 75th Anniversary Video Award, 2011, Given topic: "What Soil Means in the World Today"

Phlug Road

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